Home inspection punch list

Are you ready to sell your home but a home inspection punch list is keeping you from the sale?  Are you a new home buyer who has found the house of your dreams, but have a punch list from your home inspection?  Call Clark County Construction, Inc. to take care of those punch list items quickly and let you proceed with the sale or purchase of your house.  There is no job too big or too small that our team can't help you with.

This client was the sole owner of the home he was attempting to sell; however, upon a home inspection prior to selling, it was discovered that several items needed to be addressed to bring the home up to Current Code Standards.  Clark County Construction, Inc. was able to install galvanized roof drip edging along approximately 300 linear feet as well as installing bracing for the stove pipe.

Additionally, we installed gang nails on both sides of 31 support posts in the crawlspace.